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3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Job-Life Balance

25 May 2009, by A. Cedilla

You’re juggling as fast as you can, and it’s never quite enough. Job, money worries, family and kids, career and other relationships –everything is spinning in the air and you don’t dare stop. What can you do to ease up and take some of the pressure off?


A little scheduling and thinking ahead will do wonders for you, and your household. You can do this. Just step back and make yourself some breathing space.

Prepare a specific place for your daily stuff.

  • Whether you call it a drop zone, launch pad, or landing strip for when you take off in the morning, making a little space by the front door to provide a psychological and physical pause is very helpful. This is where you can unload the literal burdens you’re carrying from the day — messenger bags, laptop cases, shopping bags or groceries, umbrellas and whatnot.

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