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Making Mistakes A Better Way

02 July 2009, by A. Cedilla

In the automatic, quick side-step to avoid mistakes, people forget that we learn the most from making them.

We remember the lesson more if we get hurt from it. Ever stuck a fork in an electric socket when you were young? Ever did it again? The memory of pain stuck the lesson home when you were a kid.

As an adult, it’s the fear of pain that can drive us away from learning more about ourselves, about the world, and about the good we can make in it if we dared to acknowledge our true capacity for inciting change.

Fear controls us by asking difficult questions. Mistakes can strengthen us if we muster the courage to answer them honestly.

What if I’m not good enough?

What if I am?

You’ll never know unless you test yourself repeatedly. That’s how you can earn self-confidence — you trust yourself more with everything you overcome and everything you learned to handle: the good, the bad, the unexpected.

If you’re afraid to find out if you’re good enough (or not) for sure, that fear prevents you from trying to grow, because you don’t want definitive proof that you’re as bad as you thought you were (“See, they were right all along.”), or as good as you’re afraid you could be (“All that time, wasted.”)

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