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On Running A Very Small Business

19 February 2010, by A. Cedilla

Chris Guillebeau (of the popular blog The Art of Nonconformity) guest-wrote for ZenHabits early this month, and shared his thoughts on how he made his “very small business” succeed.

His advice in that post isn’t for everyone. After all, it’s mainly for –and from — the sole proprietor running a one-man business, and a deliberately small one, at that. But the outpouring of support he’s built up from the quality of his work (he has thousands of fans and followers on his social media network) shows that he has a truly inspirational approach to life.

Guillebeau’s goal was, and still is, “to make a good living without simply creating a job for (him)self.” He’s been doing so for over ten years. What follows are some issues that rose after reading his post.

1. Hire no one. If your business can get by with just you at the helm, ok. Some professions lend themselves to one-man operations. There are free-lance writers and CPA’s, for example.

It’s also an enormous help if a) you’re the type to go it alone and enjoy it, and b) you’ve got the stamina for dealing with the requirements of the business, i.e, being the Chief Bottle-washer as well as the CFO/CEO/tech support, etc. –for as long as you want the business to succeed.

And that can take a long time. Even Chris admits it can get tiring, as he explained in this post.
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