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Drawing The Line: The Importance of Boundaries

07 May 2010, by A. Cedilla

Boundaries are vital. Think of them as an extra layer of protection.

Like skin, which thickens in response to pressure to form a protective callus, your boundaries keeps you shielded and functioning under stressful circumstances.

When you recognize and honor your boundaries, you’re enforcing an internal support structure that will keep you in good stead when the going gets rough.

Boundaries are like boxes for clutter.
They help keep scattered-but-related stuff in one location, so you can deal with the whole shebang in one place, and keep them in that one place. You can come back to that one place (mentally or physically) when you’re ready, refreshed or coming back with new data and fresh input.

Boundaries give you the privacy and room to regroup.
You can leave things where they are, and come back when you’re ready. When people respect your boundaries, and you return the same respect, it makes for better relationships and fewer misunderstandings.
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Respond To Your Stress

03 May 2010, by A. Cedilla

While it would be nice to just have a sure-fire, once-and-for-all way of dealing with stress –one that doesn’t involve being planted six feet under ground — it’s a fact of life that what doesn’t kill us…well, sometimes makes us wish it did.

If you’ve experienced times like this, you understand just how crazy things can tangle up inside your head when you’re under pressure.

Dealing with and managing your stress is an ongoing process , not something you can solve with a one-time application, so it’s past time to let go of wishing for impossible cures.

When you get stressed on a regular basis, you need to be able to deal with it the same way: regularly and effectively.

An essential part of that coping strategy is to listen to yourself. Observe the signs of your stress, they mean something. Otherwise they wouldn’t be popping up.
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