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How To Break Down Big Projects

30 September 2010, by A. Cedilla

There are two steps to breaking down big projects. Just like in the most basic math, or beginning chemistry, the way to solve complicated equations — which big projects basically are — is by first reducing complex tasks to their most basic elements. The second step is to finish each stage before going onto the next, keeping on until the project is finished.

Break the big project into little projects. That’s how you tackle a big project: You break it down to its simplest elements, and you solve each combination of elements until you’re done.

Many times it’s not the project that seems big, but it’s you that feels small in comparison. The psychological barriers to attempting to tackle a big project is the distance between experience and expectations. In between this distance lies anticipation and fear.


Problem: High expectations coupled with little experience leads to disappointment.
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How To Deal With The Daily Slog

29 September 2010, by A. Cedilla

In an uncertain world where it seems security should be the number one priority for everyone, it’s counter-intuitive thing to suggest the following, but it’s true. The things we most complain about can actually help develop our skills and tolerance. Things which in themselves also add to our sense of security.

Running with Nietzsche’s “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” it takes a deliberate, practiced change of perspective to see the hardship we’re living through today and use it to strengthen ourselves.

Mostly we practice evasive maneuvers: “Waaauugh, look out!” followed by, “Damn that was close.”

How many times have you ever actually dared to say, “It’s alright. I can handle it. I’ll be fine,” and mean it?


What do you commonly complain about in your daily workday, or most often strikes you as a Do Not Want in your work? What are the top three stressors you encounter on the most consistent basis?

  • The long hours, and work life imbalance? The tedium of mindless drone-work?
  • Unreal expectations of productivity and availability?
  • The ever-present bogeyman of joblessness?

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How To Survive Your Own Business

27 September 2010, by A. Cedilla

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s frighteningly easy to slip into the “one-man band” mind-set without noticing it, especially if you do run a one-man business. You got into it, you built it, you’re running it — of course you’ll feel it’s all on you.

It’s your baby, your show. No one knows it like you do. You’re the CEO, CFO, secretary, delivery man, technical support and IT, food-service provider and maintenance.

With so many roles to fill, if you don’t take precautions you will burn yourself out. What can you do to help yourself and survive your own business?

Know your priorities and build strong routines around and under them. Breaking things down into manageable chunks, this boils down to:

  1. Knowing your priorities.
  2. Establishing a strong routine.
  3. Building strong boundaries and enforcing them: two helpful articles explain the value of limits and how respecting them can help you.

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