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How To Manage Impulsive Decisions

25 October 2010, by A. Cedilla

Generally speaking, hardly anyone has ever made it to the age of majority or moved past it without having made decision’s they’ve grown to regret.

For what it’s worth, the deep issue with making impulsive decisions does not just end with their results, which by themselves can’t be taken back, but lies with the control and discipline necessary to harness the impulses behind these decisions, and the willingness to learn from the aftermath.

Being able to control your impulses are tied in with you having important personal goals and a sense of direction…If you don’t know what you want, any old thing that catches your fancy can trip you up on you way to who knows where. And that’s sad.

Children and teens can get away with this to a certain extent because they’re still learning about themselves, and trying to find out how they fit in the world. Past a certain point, though, you just have to have learned enough to stand on your own and make an informed decision as to how and where your life will go. The great part of growing up is the mastery you can attain with every difficulty you conquer and every new skill you earn.

One important skill to master is to learn how to manage and control your impulses. But how?

Find the factors and environments that contribute to the most common impulsive decisions that keep tripping you up. Assess those factors. Then act to lessen their influence. Sounds simple, but in practice, it isn’t so easy. Continue reading How To Manage Impulsive Decisions