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How To Create and Use A Compelling Goal

12 December 2010, by A. Cedilla


  • requiring urgent attention
  • forceful
  • convincing

Latin compellere, itself from com– ‘together’ + pellere ‘to drive.’ Read that little word out loud right now.

Feel those three syllables trip off your tongue: Compelling. Com-pel-ling. You just might find yourself tensing up, shoulders drawing high and closer to your ears. Compelling. Com-PELL. To be forced.

Forceful. Demanding attention. As if you don’t have enough demands for your time and attention and energy…you’re in charge here, by gum, you’re not falling for this frou-frou claptrap, like some namby-pamby statement on an insipid inspirational poster, one with that witless cat leering at you as it dangles from a tree branch.

A compelling goal? A COMPELLING GOAL? You have goals. You don’t need to be convinced.

…or DO you?
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The Power of Reviewing Your Day

05 December 2010,by A. Cedilla

(Inspired by Trent Hamm’s post on “making dramatic change” at The Simple Dollar.)

We all daydream everyday, in between appointments, while waiting in traffic, while taking lunch or going up in the elevator.

Some daydreams are just idle musings, while some might be re-runs of your old favorites: winning the lottery, getting the gumption to tell off that obnoxious jerk who keeps shooting everyone else down at meetings, or chancing on an old flame while looking fit and fabulous…you know, the usual.

Think about all your daydreams – about having the millions in the bank, having the body of your dreams, the perfect job, the perfect career, the perfect house, the perfect life, the perfect spouse.

Think about where you are now, what you have now and what you want for the future.


Try to build a bridge between the two extremes, your life now and the one you want. Go on. It’s alright, fantasizing is a great way to spin plans: you never run out of money, energy or time. You can have do-overs, split screen multi-cam POV, the works. What do yo plan to do to make it to your dream life?

Now, put these things side by side: Reality vis-a-vis Fantasy to see which one “measures up.”

The catch here, if you haven’t seen it by now, is the illusion that fantasizing and daydreaming is enough to make it happen. Without action, there’s nothing THERE to measure. You’re just jogging in place. It’s a great way to get the heart pumping, but it doesn’t get you anywhere worth going.

So what do reviews have to do with daydreams? Well, reviews are to reality as daydreams are to theory. You can spin all the pretty pictures you want in your head, but if you don’t commit to concrete action, these pretty pictures are just pipe dreams. Review can help you take solid steps to making thing real and making real progress. Continue reading The Power of Reviewing Your Day