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Project Management in 4 Minutes

30 March 2011, by A. Cedilla

We all have projects. Goals are things we want to accomplish, projects are the plans we undertake to make these things happen. Big projects, little projects…Projects span from making a tree-house for the kids, to clearing up the garage, to writing a book. From mastering a hobby to testing it to see if can be a sideline to actually trying to make it a business.

Here are a few bits of advice to help you when it comes to drawing up your plans, determining your level of commitment, and managing the stress of undertaking projects.

When it comes to the planning stage — start at the end, work your way back and nail down the barest bones of what has to happen to get you there.

Once you get those bones locked down, commit to carrying out what they represent. Do them. Build on them. Flesh them out.

Don’t get too buzzed on initial success and add things that have no business being there (yet), like extra appendages. Build on the bones, keep them connected. You want to make something come into being, you have to do the work it takes to breathe life into your creation. Otherwise it’s just lip service.
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Delegate Or Die

25 March 2011, by A. Cedilla

Delegation is the act — some would say the art– of assigning specific duties to someone else, with the goal of getting specific results. You’re still in charge, but others are in control of making sure that the task you assign them gets done. And then get back to you with the results, of course.

In any organization, delegation flows down from the higher-ups to their subordinates, since there’s no such thing as delegating up.

When you actively practice delegating, you give others the tasks and the authority to get things done, and let them do it. What happens then is that you offload issues of less importance to others so you’re freed to focus on things of greater impact — you now have more time to spend on more important things, the ones only you can decide on, and so you can push more value for your effort. It’s moving things around and redistributing them to get better leverage out of the whole deal.
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Spend Money, Save Time

10 March 2011, by A. Cedilla

“You just gave advice on how save money and now this?”

Well, with every important choice we deal with in life there are always flip-sides to consider. If someone gives you advice that doesn’t jive with you, you don’t have to take it as is. Or reject it outright, either.

Consider pulling a 180 and look at it the other way.

Or take a few steps off to the side, say, like a 90-degree shift. That way, through some cock-eyed mental contortions and inner re-shuffling, you can get a good look from different sides of the equation, and somehow get a better, more rounded view of the entire situation than if you were firmly stuck on just one side of the discussion.

See, there are just some things more important than strict adhesion to a budget. A budget is a plan, a map. It is not the terrain. You stick to the plan without adjusting for real-life circumstance — a busted water-pipe, an emergency root-canal, an utterly unexpected opportunity to see your favorite band — you’re holding “The Budget” as paramount, and forgetting the purpose for which it was drawn up for — which is to use your money to serve you.
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