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Achieving Goals = Chasing A Moving Target

27 November 2011, by A. Cedilla

How do you chase a moving target?
You don’t lose sight of it. Period. You do whatever it takes, scramble, hustle, hot-foot it, but you keep your eye on the prize. If you lose visual, don’t panic. Be still. Keep your eyes peeled for movement. Anticipate the easiest, fastest, sneakiest ways the target will try to use to escape. Be ready to move.

How do you chase a moving goal?
Keep it in front of you as much as you can. Make a regular reminder for yourself with it if you want to make it a habit that will last — by regular I mean daily and by reminder I mean actionable items. If it’s a big goal, break it down into bite-sized pieces and remind yourself to deal with those pieces everyday.

  • Big goal broken down into small chunks over time = success
  • Small goal broken up into smaller chunks over time = big success

The goal is something you want to happen. Maybe it has to happen for something you want more to become a reality. Or maybe you want it out off the way so you can move on to better things. Whatever your reasons, hitting the goal lets you do what you want to do after it.

The goal is a target. A target is something to aim for. Or to follow, like a game animal, but in a weird theoretical way where instead of following the tracks, you connect the dots that lead to completing the goal. Continue reading Achieving Goals = Chasing A Moving Target

Do You Really Know What You Want?

21 November 2011, by A. Cedilla

If you want success on your own terms, you have to define your terms.

“Defaulting” is what we call what happens when you don’t make a move in your favor…the situation either stays the same, or it shifts to the most likely outcome to happen without your influence.

You don’t get to have a say anymore even if you are affected, because you didn’t speak up when you had the opportunity. This goes for action too, not just words.

This is another facet to knowing exactly what you want. If you are clueless about what you truly desire in your life, if you don’t know what you want, you’ll take what you can get…again, you land in the default zone.

You didn’t know any better, or maybe couldn’t have cared less at the time. You drifted, went with the flow or followed the status quo. You followed the rules. So, take a look at where you are now. Assess your life.

Are you satisfied with what you’re doing with your time? Are you content in the life you have? Are you enjoying the security that you envisioned for yourself? Are those visions actually yours?

Success on someone else’s terms are their kind of success, not yours. As a kid you may believe they are yours because those standards are what you grew up with, and measured yourself against. Since you grew up with these standards, they’re normal to you. They become your default standards — but sooner or later, living by default standards can get wearing. Teenage rebellion is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a very honest example.

As an adult, you can take the initiative to test things for yourself and find out what you can do, find out which standards you can truly claim as your own….and you can say it’s because you’re trying to find out who you are and what you stand for.

For example, which of the following means “success” to you? Continue reading Do You Really Know What You Want?

Using Coherence To Change Your Life

15 November 2011, by A. Cedilla

Quick! A laser is a beam of coherent light, but what does the name itself stand for?
Answer: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Lasers can zap skin discolorations, whiten teeth and read the bar-codes on your groceries. They can cut through steel. Medical applications and industrial processes aside, lasers are awesome, and while waiting for light-sabers to become available, one has to understand that a laser’s real power lies not just in the pretty lights it produces, but in the principle that makes it work: coherence.

Lasers are coherent light. Flashlights can’t cut through anything but shadows, after all.

So what does it mean for something to be coherent, to possess coherence? A lot of terms get tossed around in the resulting scramble: “possessing internal consistency, a : systematic or logical connection or consistency , b : integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values…”

Possessing coherence in communication for example, is having orderly, logical sub-ideas radiating from a central idea. If you’ve ever had to go through outlining an essay in English class, it’s like that.

Try thinking of yourself as a spider — an intelligence in the center of a web created of interlocking and related ideas. Even as the real spiders can spin webs of simply remarkable beauty where each connection made just so, coherence can make the connections between ideas beautiful in their clarity.

It’s the difference between a labyrinth and a spider web. You don’t get lost visually when looking at a spider web. When this happens, wherever you end up, you can just latch on one idea that radiates from the center and use it to get back to the heart of the entire web.

Coherence gets to the point. Coherence radiates from the core. Continue reading Using Coherence To Change Your Life

Anticipation Versus Worry

11 November 2011, by A. Cedilla

Remember how sharp and hyper-real the world looks like when you’re anticipating something?

  • Getting up very early on Christmas morning.
  • Haunting the mailbox (or the side-table beside the front door) for your acceptance letter from college.
  • The last few minutes before you’re called in for the final interview.
  • 5 minutes before you meet the person you’ve been corresponding with through Skype and e-mail for the past 6 months.
  • The moment the door opens to your first exhibit, and the first guests arrive.

You’re antsy. You can’t be still. You’re screamingly awake –internally, at least– and your thoughts are going a hundred miles an hour. What’s going to happen next? What do you do if you get what you want? What do you do if you don’t? What do you do? It feels like you’re going to vibrate out of your skin, you’re so dizzy.

What about these situations?

  • You’re behind on your credit cards. Way behind, and every time the phone rings you train yourself to ignore it. The creditors won’t get anything anyway, it would only be a waste of time. Then there’s a knock on the door.
  • It’s the week before finals, and it seems the whole student population is at the library. All the tables are filled, and the snafu with the books you reserved can’t be fixed, the books just aren’t there anymore. Sorry.
  • The numbers have been steadily dropping in the past month, and more customers are opting out of your latest marketing strategy’s sign-up plan.
  • Too much month, not enough money. You have a gap of four days before your next paycheck comes in, and it might as well be two weeks.

Continue reading Anticipation Versus Worry