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Sustainable Progress: Keep Going By Making Small Bets

25 February 013, by A. Cedilla

In the LifeHacker post, “How To Design A Lucky Life” member stainless_rat left an awesome comment in response to the article, reproduced in full below:

“I’ve lived lucky by simply trimming the odds, which conflicts with recommendations here. Small changes that give things a chance to happen. Such as having met an attractive woman on a group hike…and arranging to attend the next hike with that group instead of another: if she was there, great, if not, I still end up with a fun hike. End result? Happily married for 7 years now.

Unlike the recommendation here, I say DO go for low cost gambles, just don’t go overboard. One small investment nets an infinite increase in your odds of winning while an additional investment might increase them negligibly. So going for the ‘infinite’ bump, I’ve had enough wins for others to consider me ‘lucky’.

Small changes in just paying attention, trimming your odds a hair here and there…it all adds up over time.” (Emphasis added)

Low-cost gambles can make for small wins. And more importantly, small wins keep you going. Continue reading Sustainable Progress: Keep Going By Making Small Bets

Eisenhower On Planning

18 February 2013, by A. Cedilla

“In preparing for battle, I have found that planning is essential, but plans are useless.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower, 5-star general, 34th president of the United States

Planning ahead is extremely powerful, but you’ll often find that the better you get at realizing your plans, the more you realize that much of the plans you make get discarded. So what’s the point?

The planning prepares you for whatever may come. The process of preparation lets you be prepared — putting you in a state of readiness. Process is doing, state is being. You plan, you execute, and in the execution you adjust on the fly, moving with what happens in real-time –which is where most paper theories fly out the window.

Planning isn’t doing. Doing is doing.

As an offhand example, let’s say you do regular cardio (running) to get and stay healthier. Short-term and mid-term benefits: as long as you keep at it, you’re acting to preserve your health, strengthen your heart, bones and joints, and feel in charge of this part your life.

The possibility that you may have to run to save someone from getting hit by a card, or run to save your own life, is a remote one –it’s rare to find anyone who seriously trains for that— but the slim chance is still there, and if it does happen… well, won’t you be glad you were ready and fit enough to do so? Continue reading Eisenhower On Planning

Lights, Opportunity, Action!

12 February 2012, by A.Cedilla

“Making it” is a combination of luck, circumstances, choices and planning that decides where you go next. Action definitely counts as well. For good or for ill, when you commit to executing your plans, there will be consequences. And most of these things, unless you’re on reality TV, happen behind the scenes.

“Stop thinkin’ and start makin’ moves.”
– Dave Chappelle

You do something, you learn something.

  • You do something and it hurts — the result, at the very least, can be embarrassment and-or physical pain you can recover from, and you remember it.
  • In the best case, you you still learn something — not to do that thing again, or read the instructions first, you goofball.
  • You live, you learn — sorry to pull in Alanis Morisette, but if the song fits, use it.

Continuous stupidity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the results to change just because you want them to, or expecting to be excluded from suffering the logical consequences because you’re you, you special, special snowflake.

Remember, when it comes to preparation and making choices, germination happens in the dark. Don’t be afraid of the dark.


When you’re fumbling and digging for answers and turn up all this other crap instead….don’t back away. Given enough time, all that crap turns into fertilizer for the rest of your life. Things you want to assign to the burn and bury pile — bad decisions, expired dreams, hardships and emotionally exhausting experiences…those are all things that are in your life. Continue reading Lights, Opportunity, Action!

The Bullet List: Here’s Why You Can’t Win (Not)

05 January 2013, by A.Cedilla

There’s something you’ve been thinking about. And you already know why you can’t do it anyway. For example:

  • You’re too old, or too young, and you’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • You have too much experience.
  • You don’t have the experience.
  • You don’t have the time to spare to get the experience.
  • Or the money. Or the training.
  • Or the money for the training. Or even money for the rent. (It could be food and housing, but not new shoes, or whatever the most urgent two out of three important things you pick. Your choice.)

There’s always something, you know.

And there’s also this one thing that you absolutely have to get done….actually, several things you have to take care of — pay off your student loans, take care of your kids, hold body and soul together under the weight of your responsibilities….Busy-busy-busy. Take your pick, I bet you have a whole magician’s hat-full of reasons you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Go ahead and write them down. I’m serious. Write them down. I’ll wait.

Why did I ask you to do this? Continue reading The Bullet List: Here’s Why You Can’t Win (Not)