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How To Use Your Data To Take Meaningful Action

When people talk about it being the Information Age, our thoughts usually go  straight to the internet and the world -wide web, picturing the oceans of data produced, stored and shared in that virtual place.  We also tend to overlook the fact that that means a whole world of data, and that it is simply not possible for any one person on their own to be able to put all the information into a usable form at the snap of a finger.

Here’s the thing: We create and upload tons of data onto the internet every day. That is a lot of information, and there are special tools and analysis methods to extract usable knowledge from that sort of Big Data.

The people and the businesses that succeed in turning the odds to favor them are the ones who know what data to look for and how to mine that data intelligently. They take pains to understand the picture that results from the analysis, and they leverage that knowledge to make good decisions and reach their goals.

We have tools at our disposal that can collect any and all information we might be interested in, but without a way to put it into context, all we have are figures. The  most important thing to remember is determining what data is significant, and how  its significance translates to usefulness for making better decisions.

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