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How To Handle Roadblocks To Your Goals

When you run a business it means you’ve already closed several important goals. You made concrete decisions and acted on them to make your business a reality– whether your business started out as a bright idea hastily jotted out on a napkin at your favorite coffee shop,  or an  excited audio recording you made on your phone while you were out doing the groceries and stumbled into a full-fledged vision.

Now whether you’re just starting  out, or  already matured your business into stability, or  you’re at the stage where you can think of expansion, there are always things that you need to keep an eye on, just to make sure you don’t run yourself down while managing the eventual snags and roadblocks on the way to realizing your goals.

Here are 4 thoughts to keep in mind when you’re planning ahead and thinking of obstacles to your progress.

ONE: Make a “plan to fail.”
Plans survive  when you have reliable data to help you make alternative decisions. At this point you should have enough data available to see when and where your goals can come to a halt. Thinking ahead is a mentally tiring activity, yes, but in  terms of  creating back-ups, alternative plans, and disaster recovery blue-prints , the labor and discomfort NOW are  small beans compared to what you save by avoiding problems and minimizing the impact of the ones you can’t avoid — as well as creating enough buffers to cushion you in case you’re blindsided by this thing called life. Continue reading How To Handle Roadblocks To Your Goals