Be As Good As Your Word: How To Win In Business

In 6 Principles Behind Superior Customer Service we shared the following points on establishing, maintaining, and keeping good relationships with customers by using the following rules:

1) Take the long view for your business and build for it.
2)”No,”  isn’t an easy thing to say, and knowing when and how to say it is a valuable  skill.
3) Keep current of market research.
4) Ask for feed-back regularly.
5) Customers stay when they get their needs met and their wants satisfied.
6) Have a solid plan to handle complaints.

It can sound sort of hokey to say, “Be someone your customers can trust and depend on to give the honest, good service and provide products that work as they should.” That should already be a given, right?

Yes, but that message shouldn’t just be said at the beginning of the relationship, but iterated through action in every successive encounter with the customer. You can’t just say something like that and have the customer believe you.  And here’s yet another ‘cliche’, “Actions speak louder than words.” Customers may want to believe you, but you have to prove it each time they initiate interaction with you, whether it’s a purchase, an inquiry, or even a complaint.

You say you have the best product, the best one for their needs.  You have to prove it with your product performing well, solidly and consistently. You say you value their presence,and embrace their patronage, you have to act in a way aligned with what you say.

Word come very easy today. The Internet made it so.  People can buy web-hosting, register a domain name,  create a website and  then set up shop in less than an hour. They can come up with all sorts of content and be able to sell themselves as experts in their field, and that is part of the marketing field today. Talk is easy.  You can see all the things people see on your social media dash, in your emails, popping up on your smartphone. But in business as in life, relationships take work. If you want the relationships with your customers to work, and work out to be a long-lasting and mutually beneficial one,  you have to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd. Not just with word. With actions.

People usually like liking other people. Liking other people gives us a sense of security and faith in the world. If you find someone who acts professionally, provides excellent service or products, and charges  a fair price, you  would go see this person again, especially if  they’re friendly, ethical, and easy to get along with. What’s more, you would recommend this person to your friends.

Turn the tables, and you would see that being a professional with high ethical standards is already a sign of good things for your business. It will help promote your reputation and establish good foundations for your success.

Your customers support your business. Treat them with the respect that deserves.
Remember, you have competitors who are more that willing to have them. Treating customers well is simply the smart thing to do.

As customers ourselves we are all spoiled for choice from all the options we are presented with. Ads, subscriptions, coupons, flyers, etc. just goes to show how eager business are to cater to our every possible need.

As business owners, that means we have to run things smarter to make sure our customers choose us, and keep on choosing us.

  • On a marketing level, that means using more targeted ways of communication.
  • On a person to person level, that means respecting our customers for giving us the opportunity to continue running by giving us their money and their time.

Customers demand good service, and you should be at the very least meet that expectation. Better, treat them well so they come back, and keep coming back.

All business have peaks and valleys.
Know when you need to take a break.
You can’t be ‘on’ 24/7/365.

On a personal level, we  have good and bad days, and sometime very good or very bad days. What happens is that it’s your attitude that affects how you see things, and if you’re tired, overworked, overloaded, dragging or under the weather,  that affects  your perspectives, your productivity, and you, personally.

We all need to take a break from time to time. Take time off to recharge and reconnect with your best self. Do undemanding, no-pressure stuff that helps you un-kink yourself from internal coiled stress. You are your most essential, unable-to-live-without asset. You need to take care of your health and well-being too.

Now, strong business brands succeed based on the quality of their long-term relationships with their customers. At the roots, relationships like these are founded on meaningful, consistent communication. By being intelligent, focused, and strategic about your communication, you can take solid, fruitful steps to forging those strong relationships.

  • You need to work inside clearly defined business goals that are aligned and attuned to your target audience’s and target market’s needs.
  • You also need to keep a weather eye on the niche as well as the competition, and how all of you are working in the same environment.

With clearly defined goals you also have clear  metrics for what you consider success, and  integrated communication (meaning public relations, marketing/advertising, and internal communications) to provide a strong foundation.

Online business, internet marketing… the strongest brands all are founded on the strength and speed of communication. We have social media. We have tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, even. Our customers have more ways to communicate with us and about us, and the competitive environment that created, business have a lot more degree in sharing their messages and precision-target them– and the customers have more ways to express their opinions and views about businesses. We can talk to each other faster, and spread the word faster –which, when it comes to going viral, can be bad news, or very good news, for business.

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