Give Your Website A Boost Behind The Scenes

It’s easy to overlook things when you’re engrossed in the day-to-day events  of running a business or focused working on projects, so we’re just taking a few minutes of your time to share a few pointers and help you with your website:

Website health-check.
A website works while you sleep.  Barring DoS attacks, a cut cable somewhere on the ocean floor, or Skynet dropping the boom — or you forgetting to renew your  hosting subscription — your business website is up 24/7/365. An asset like that deserves proper care and maintenance to keep on working for you the way you have it designed to.

If you haven’t done it yet, just take the next three minutes to write down all the maintenance dates and details for your website  — and then put copies of the information where it makes sense to put them, whether as an extra page in your operations manual, an index card in your day-planner, or a laminated printout for your files.

For added assurance, reinforce the data with reminders on your preferred calendar app or your business planner.

  • When do you need to renew your hosting, domain name, and security certificates?
  • Are your security details updated for your hosting, security and domain authorities — down to the correct email address, updated contact numbers, and even the credit card expiration date, if it comes to that?
  • Are the charges for those items  on an auto-debit or automatic billing cycle?

For security reasons:

  • Do you have 2-factor authentication enabled on your business communication accounts?
  • Do you have a clear outline of your back-up emails just in case one account gets hacked?

If your various online accounts  — social, business, communications — are interlinked as back-ups to one another, all it takes is for one weak link to be compromised, and your whole system can be laid bare to hackers. Go on and check what your back-up emails are for each account.


Website pages: Are you updated?
FAQs and tutorials are meant to educate customers. Generally, they’re static pages, but static does not mean you upload them once and they stay the same forever. If you update products, there are bound to be more questions, and the same with adding more services. Make sure you keep your FAQ’s updated.

To make that process easier, you can use the work you do on answering customer inquiries, then polish your responses and put them up. There’s a reason why they’re called frequently asked questions, but you don’t have to repeat yourself answering every one.


Videos and pictures can show visitors how products and services work. A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words, and all. Are you using the power of video and visual media to promote your business and your products?


Testimonials can show on how other people helped improve their specific situation by using your products,  or engaging your services.  When other people see how your customers applied the value of the content you share to their lives and made good changes, they’ll be more inclined to try your products out. A handy sign-up link on this page can get more people on your mailing list.


Forums welcome people sharing a common interest. Is your customer base big enough for you to have them?
We’re a communal species. We can be nosy and intrusive, sure but on the other hand, we can also help each other out, and online that’s where forums can help. Having active and engaged forums is the key, though, and you can appoint forum moderators or hire someone to oversee them.


Sales pages promote products while shopping carts help process the purchase. When was the last time you checked your website for link-rot and smooth functionality? Have you received any complaints about the check-out or payment processes?


Business by the numbers.

  • As to your website, how is the income-generating function doing?
  • How is your website’s success rate when it comes to generating leads and sales?
  • How successful are your marketing campaigns and split-testing?
  • Seen any drops or jumps in responses, unsubscribes, or sign-ups? Have you examined those to see what caused them?


“Always think of flow. When you look up the definition for sales funnel, the usual graphics are self-evident: from customer acquisition in newsletter sign-ups to purchases, the movement is toward making a profit center from the website’s activities.”

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