Establish The Priorities of the Day

14 May 2010, by A. Cedilla

Have you ever thought about the meaning of your days?

Each day can have a symbolic meaning. For example, Wednesday may be Hump Day. It’s when the production reports go out and the new international orders for the past week get processed….one you get past Hump Day, the rest of the week is downhill.

Sunday means rest, or maybe Saturday. Friday is Date Night. Thursday is Laundry….It’s different for everybody. The day has about as much meaning as you put into it. So how do you make your days mean something?

You make them count by putting meaning into them. And to put meaning into them you have to know what you’re putting first on that day.

Establish the priorities of the day. Think of it as being handed a deck of cards and YOU are stacking them in your favor. It’s absolutely legal. You’re encouraged to do so, and it isn’t even cheating to do it. Deal out your best, most favorable hands each day by knowing what how you want to make the most out of that day.

Even better, deal with the week ahead, the week before. Heck, break down the month: bills, birthdays, expenses. Too much month and not enough money can be reversed. Go crazy, break down the year and build up your life. Dare to stack the cards of your life-time and play the hell out of the hands life deals back.

Clear priorities are islands of sanity in the changing tides of today’s world. Spreading out the support structures for your goals and building your priorities on them is like, is like, oh wow, taking a joyful, active role in creating your future. If that image doesn’t sit right with you, try thinking like Tarzan. When he swings from rope to rope, he makes sure he has a good grip, and that he’s holding onto something solid, something that can support him. Get it? Priorities keep you from plummeting into chaos.

In a recent article, we shared how small things can make for big changes over time. Establishing daily priorities is making small decisions that will impact your life. What is a life anyway, except the sum of our days?

Knowing and living by what’s important to you makes your life mean something. You make your life count by putting meaning into it. And to put meaning into it you have to know what you’re putting first. Establish the priorities of your day.

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