How Black Friday Shopping Tips Can Help You Be A Better Business Owner

26 November 2010

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Lifehacker contributors churned out articles leading up to the holiday itself, with the hope of sharing their best tips and insider advice with those who were actually looking forward to the shopping phenomenon of Black Friday. While we at JROX didn’t storm the brick and mortar gates of the mall – online shopping is so much easier on the body – we did come away with a new viewpoint from jumping off the main ideas of 2 Lifehacker articles.

In “How to Make a Black Friday Plan Ahead of Time and Save Yourself Some Money” by Whitson Gordon, he laid down four main points to help the readers save tie and money during the sales. His advice is in bold, our take is in regular font.

“Make a list and stick to it.”

Knowing yourself is important: When you know what you really want you’ve narrowed your best choices down and are sure that they’re THE best answer to your needs, so anything else will just be an inferior substitute.
Consistency: By being steadfast and sticking to the plan, you up your chances of getting what you want. You don’t waste time haring off for points unknown in search of the next shinier-better-faster thing.

“Clear your mind before purchasing.”

Keep cool: Anticipation of scoring big and bringing home the trophy purchase can skew your decision-making capabilities. Let the thrill pass through you, and then focus on actually hitting the target.

“Bring a buddy.”

Someone you trust and respect can pull you back when the heat of the moment gets to you. Cooler heads can save you the effort of back-tracking and damage repair because they don’t care about the end result as intensely as you do. They can see things that can trip you up, and stop you when you’re about to shoot yourself in the foot.

“Pay in cash”

Never pay more than you can afford or are prepared to give up – just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This also applies to time and labor.


In Adam Dachis’s article “How to Identify and Resist Manipulative Sales Pitches“, riffing of “7 Sales Pitches You Can’t Resist” by Kelli B. Grant, it wasn’t the article itself as it was the tips in the comments shared by user dlinkwit27,who used to work in sales. For the complete comment, please visit the original post. What follows has been edited.

“I used to be in commissioned sales (large home appliances), and the following are the biggest tips that I can give any potential buyer of anything.

1) Know what you want. – Know exactly what you need, what you want, and what you can live without. What is your “ideal” purchase? What do you want, but don’t need (and be realistic!)? What are your deal-breakers? Know the answers to these and you _will_ find what you are looking for.”

Same as “Make a list, and stick to it,” yeah, but this is such an invaluable piece of common sense you just have to see it again. Knowing what you want gives you direction. Knowing is purpose. Couple that with action, you get movement. Movement gets you closer to fulfillment than dreaming or planning alone.

“2) Know what you want to spend for what you want, and don’t waiver – Being steadfast in this is the only way to ensure you don’t get shaken down.”

Keeping your eyes on the prize filters out the distractions waving from the side. You enjoy the power of having a solid lock on your goal, and this puts you at an advantage because you don’t waste time in pointless pursuits.

“3) Never admit to needing anything. – Just don’t. The entire dynamic of the sales relationship changes. When you walk into the store, I am attempting to make you want what I have. Now you just told me you need what I have! Now instead me trying to get you to take it from me YOU are trying to get me to LET you have it. It completely changes the position of power.”

Just as in relationships and cards, the one who is least invested in the outcome controls the deal. While this isn’t quite the thing to do when it comes to love, in business it helps to keep a poker face.”

“4) Walk away at least once – […]Walking away takes the fancy new toy out of your eyes, gets you away from the smooth talking salesman, and allows you to (hopefully) think with your head and not your heart.”

Playing off the previous tips, keeping your cool can also mean keeping your distance. It’s counter-intuitive to suggest that you move away from what you want, but the gist of it is, rein in your desire and don’t let it override your decision.

“[…] Lastly (and this could be item 5 actually), remember your salesman (if you liked them). If you can make them like you, they may be willing to do more to “help you” make the purchase. When you walk out, whether for an hour or for a week, when you come back, remember them. If you ask a different salesman and they remember you talking to someone else, their desire to help you is 50/50. […]”

Cultivate relationships and don’t be afraid to ask for more information. Breaking it down even more:

It’s not just what you know but who you know, you know?
It’s not just knowing what you know, but knowing what you don’t know.

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