3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Job-Life Balance

25 May 2009, by A. Cedilla

You’re juggling as fast as you can, and it’s never quite enough. Job, money worries, family and kids, career and other relationships –everything is spinning in the air and you don’t dare stop. What can you do to ease up and take some of the pressure off?


A little scheduling and thinking ahead will do wonders for you, and your household. You can do this. Just step back and make yourself some breathing space.

Prepare a specific place for your daily stuff.

  • Whether you call it a drop zone, launch pad, or landing strip for when you take off in the morning, making a little space by the front door to provide a psychological and physical pause is very helpful. This is where you can unload the literal burdens you’re carrying from the day — messenger bags, laptop cases, shopping bags or groceries, umbrellas and whatnot.

A well-thought out set-up helps enormously in making sure there will be a place for everything, and everything will be in its place: a side table for bags, an organized space underneath — with a tiny shoe-rack, maybe?– for toed-off shoes and a small umbrella stand, some nice bowls to hold keys, your wristwatch, loose change…and maybe a corkboard to display household bills and letters. See?

Automate your regular tasks.

  • With all the activities you can do online, streamline your paper-flow and ease your worries by automating your bill payments, AFTER combing over the fine print. Check with your utilities, your bank and your own needs to see where you can save on unnecessary charges, or unearth hidden ones. If you have to, switch for better interest rates and free services.
  • Make a To-do list: Honestly, it may seem done to death, but writing things down helps declutter you mentally as you put your thoughts down on paper. The very act of writing things down have been documented to free up more ‘computing space’,as it were, in your head.

Organize your rituals.
What are the thing you need to do to make sure the household/job/your health/fill in the blank runs smoothly?

For example, setting up your exercise clothes and stuff( t-shirt, heart monitor, shorts, shoes with the socks already in them, music) and setting the alarm before getting into bed at night makes it easier to hit the ground running the next morning.

Set up the floss-container on the side of the sink to take care of your teeth. Get a toy-box catch-all to throw the scattered remnants of your kid’s playtime before they sleep. Little stuff that saves some time matters in the long run.

Set up the breakfast table and your meal fixings the night before.
Clear up your landing pad. Putting things back in their assigned place, ALWAYS, trains you to be neater, and save time fumbling for things in the morning rush, because you know where they should be, so much so, you can find them in the dark. And that’s cool!.

Really, all this takes is being conscious and aware of what your needs are and using your native creativity and ingenuity to address those needs. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do so, in fact, it forces you to be more creative with fewer stuff. The process does take time, but pays off in the long run, so aren’t you worth it?

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