Promoting Yourself Into An Entrepreneur’s Life

22 October 2012, by A. Cedilla

Here’s a thought: Did you ever think that the same strengths that make you promotable might also be the ones that can help you weather the demands of of an entrepreneur’s life?

Think of it. Getting a promotion means several things must have happened: You worked hard. You were recognized for your hard work. You were credited for it. And you were rewarded with a position of higher responsibility and more pay. (Yes, yes, I know, but still, stay with me.)

1. You act promotable. Other people in your sphere see you as trustworthy, competent and good at your job. You are the go-to guy when it comes to your field, and your recommendations, advice and proposals are accepted because of that.

2. You don’t let your time get away from you. While it can’t be helped that you have days that are longer than others, you don’t waste time. You make it count on the priority matters and know how to delegate, and you maintain a balance in your own life.

3. You don’t shy away from the hard parts of work. Making hard calls, having the uncomfortable conversations that have to happen, doing what it takes to get things done…and on the other hand, having good people skills to draw the best out of your co-workers without alienating them.

4. You don’t take things personally, and stay professional. In effect, when something goes off or falls through, or when some people say things, you don’t make it about you, or how you’re affected, or inconvenienced, or blamed. You make it a point to stay objective and reign in your bias, focusing on what’s needed to address the issue and fix the situation

5. Your priorities are in order. Your goals are aligned with your vision, and you work your way to them, shouldering aside distractions and time-sucks to best use your energy, focus and resources.

What else?

  • You look with a beginner’s mind, and take the humble approach. It’s one thing to have the know-how and direct people how to do things, buts it’s another to draw the best out of people and help them realize they know a lot more than they think.
  • You manage your customers well — and you can manage up as well as down, communicating and making your expectations known, and aligning those with the expectations of the people you’re working with.
  • You see problems, but you don’t just complain about them, you actually get up and do something to address them. You work to develop the maturity and understanding to see that some short-term pains have long-term gains, and communicate that to your team.
  • You go beyond what’s expected of you. You don’t get by just to get by.

When it comes to trying to make your life better, it’s a global effect; Consistent effort spills over into other aspects of your life, and you live in ways that make you respect yourself, and in response other people respect you.

When you try to make your life better, in a very real sense, you elevate yourself. You promote yourself, whether working for other people, or on your own.

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