Focus and Planning 1

07 August 2009, by A. Cedilla

Wiktionary defines ‘focus’ as: the convergence of attention or light onto a target or point.

Using both, attention of and on an object –or in this case, a objective– and shedding light on that objective seems to be a very effective strength to build up, since focus is something you can use towards not only building a better business, but leading a happier, more joyful life.

Focus keeps you from drifting, losing track, acting aimlessly–wasting time– and what else is life made up of but time, remember?

So how can you strengthen your focusing skills?

Make like Santa Claus and have a list.Keep checking the list , crossing off, erasing and adding new items, as necessary. Keep the list close and refer to it often.

Prioritize what needs to be done, when and how , more importantly, why.

You can keep an actual picture for each of your goals: one of your kids for whom you’re earning their tuition for, or a postcard of that vacation spot you’ve always wanted to go to ever since you’ve heard about it, a flyer for the voice lessons you couldn’t afford when you were younger…

Whatever it is, if it keeps you going, use your pictures as little batteries to get you going through the tough times and to actually see, visually and not just mentally, to show you that what you’re working for is real and the power to attain it is in your hands.

Are the required actions to reach you goals something only you can handle? Those are essential, then.

Can some of the other steps be something you can offload to a trusted agent? If you can delegate the small stuff, it frees you to attend to the mission critical tasks (and you have to know your mission — do you have a mission? You can call it a ‘life goal’ if mission scares you.)

Assess your resources – what and who do you have on hand to help you achieve your goal. Many people stumble at this point in the process because it can take up more time than they’d wish, but doing so will be worth it. Why?

It makes you stop and take stock of what you really have. And in the mad rush towards realizing goals, people often forget that they have more than they think. Once they realize this, gratitude comes as a blessing, and counting your blessing is a happy event.

What do you have that will take some time to get to but you’re sure you can get to fast? Chalk that up in the resources tally.

Draw up a plan — it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to address the big issue and contain it, deal with and prepare for possible, similar events in the future.

Build margins into the plan – for error, adjustment, protection, and room for new events to come in. Things like traffic, accidents, a sudden fever, a missing shipment, or the wrong shipment– things happen, so it’s good to leave room to move, and breathe, when events come up to impact your plans.

Accurately gauge what you need, then add more for buffer – don’t over-stuff your schedule. Remember, you need margins.

(To be continued in Part Two)

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