Lights, Opportunity, Action!

12 February 2012, by A.Cedilla

“Making it” is a combination of luck, circumstances, choices and planning that decides where you go next. Action definitely counts as well. For good or for ill, when you commit to executing your plans, there will be consequences. And most of these things, unless you’re on reality TV, happen behind the scenes.

“Stop thinkin’ and start makin’ moves.”
– Dave Chappelle

You do something, you learn something.

  • You do something and it hurts — the result, at the very least, can be embarrassment and-or physical pain you can recover from, and you remember it.
  • In the best case, you you still learn something — not to do that thing again, or read the instructions first, you goofball.
  • You live, you learn — sorry to pull in Alanis Morisette, but if the song fits, use it.

Continuous stupidity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the results to change just because you want them to, or expecting to be excluded from suffering the logical consequences because you’re you, you special, special snowflake.

Remember, when it comes to preparation and making choices, germination happens in the dark. Don’t be afraid of the dark.


When you’re fumbling and digging for answers and turn up all this other crap instead….don’t back away. Given enough time, all that crap turns into fertilizer for the rest of your life. Things you want to assign to the burn and bury pile — bad decisions, expired dreams, hardships and emotionally exhausting experiences…those are all things that are in your life.

Don’t wish these things away as you claw your way into the spotlight –“When’s my time to shine, dammit!” Creating life happens in hidden spaces — inside your head, inside the womb, in your dreams, and sometimes even in your nightmares.

When you make it a habit to look at the painful and challenging things square on, you are looking at opportunities to challenge yourself. Everything past goes into the compost pile of your life.

You have to give it time, though –keep working on your other stuff. And in ordinary compost piles, you still have to come back and turn things over a bit, mixing things up for air to get it and all the micro-organisms to do their work in the dark. By itself, fertilizer doesn’t do anything unless it’s applied, it’s just organic stuff rotting in a heap.

It’s what you do with it, and where you apply it, that makes a difference. This is where action comes in.

This is where you can advantage of the circumstances that come your way. You’ve prepared, been prepared by everything you’ve experienced, are prepared, and you’re ready. You spread risk out by taking informed chances, making good decisions, planning for the best and prepping for the worst.

Then…you act in plain sight.


If you’ve been using your compost pile and making the best out of it, you would have things in the making that are meant to make your life better, or bigger in some ways. That’s what mental fertilizer does. It dies to give new life to other endeavors. If you want another analogy, you can use yeast (bubbling and fermenting, giving rise to good bread, or life to beer) or picture the kitchen stove (“keeping something on the back-burner”).

You keep plan B’s and C’s in case A doesn’t quite pan out the way you wanted it to. A garden of only one plant doesn’t give you much choice in the selection. Keeping things varied, and taking good care of them — fertilizer and focus, diligent care and maintenance, don’t forget!- – give you a harvest you can rely on when the time comes.

Luck comes in the form of serendipity. You happen to right the sweet moment where everything fits together just-so, and unexplainable things happen. Think the success and popularity of sudden hit songs, sudden hit books –which turn into multi-million dollar earners in print, and get turned into movies. You can’t game luck. You can only do your best and throw the dice when the time comes.

Keep working, keep plugging away, and let your compost pile work it the background. When the opportunity presents itself, put on the boots and stride into the limelight.

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