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On Mistakes, parts One and Two.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just keep learning from them. It’s how you grow.

Focus and Planning, parts  One and Two.

Here’s advice on making good plans, and how to adjust when they don’t quiet work out.

The Discomfort Zone, parts One and Two.

Just outside the comfort zone is the place where you grow. Are you willing to go there?

Building Buffers, parts One and Two.

The more room you have to move, the more freedom and space you have to make a life you value. Building buffers in your life can help you with that.

Changing on Purpose, parts One and Two.

The frist step is being aware that there is a need for change.

7 Steps To Successful Change, parts One, Two and Three.

The difficulty of change lies in letting go of what you know for something you want more.

How To Manage Your Stress, parts One and Two.

Stress is everywhere, but it doesn’t mean you have to give in to it. One day at a time , one thing at a time, on step at a time, you can overcome.

Protecting Yourself On-line, parts One and Two.

Advice on protecting your infomation and online acounts from trusted resources.

Perception and Maslow’s Hammer, parts One and Two.

Keep refining your new vision. Get to know and focus on what truly matters to you, and know which tool to use to build on these things.

Starting Small and Growing Slow In The New Year, parts One and Two.

When the buzz of the New year fades, where do you go from there to make this new year better than the old one?

How’s Your Schedule, parts One and Two.

Using routines, repeatability and preparation can reduce stress over our schedules.

Save and Spend, parts One and Two.

Time and money are important resources. How you spend both determines how they will serve you and your goals, so you need to know what you realy want so get the most out of your time and your finances.

Rethinking Education, parts One and Two.

From free online classes to truly thinking about a life-long pattern of self-education, this two-parter helps you deeply consider the choices you have about educating yourself in these times.

The Four Quarters, parts One, Two, Three and Four.

This series is about goals and planning, breaking it down to personal time management, visions and goal, creating a plan, and putting everything together.


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