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The Importance of Energy Levels in Scheduling

09 April 2011, by A. Cedilla

AKA: The E(nergy) Factor and You

While it’s intimidating and awesome to have a relentless and unstoppable machine like the Terminator on your side, it’s self-defeating — as well as delusional — to think that you can be just as unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals. For one, this is real-life, not the movies. For another, you’re made of flesh and bone. Bones ache and flesh gets fatigued. What’s more, brains get drained.

And can you imagine getting James Cameron for a boss?

Anyway, when it comes to ensuring a sustainable schedule, people often forget to factor in their personal energy levels. To everything there are cycles, remember? Ups and downs, stops and starts, peaks and valleys…

When it comes to heavy tasks and big projects, it’s never quite one straight shot – zoom! – right down the road, with a full-tank, no obstacles, blue skies and green lights all the way.

That’s a nice fantasy, but even with the best of times, you’re still a person with a body that needs rest, a mind that can burn out and feelings that can influence your thoughts and decisions (and vice-versa), and distract you from paying attention to where you’re going.

Even as the way to your goals are twisty and full of stop-starts, misfires and rapid adjustment, your body has its own demands and cycles. If you don’t want to be torn between the two, you need to be able to get them to work together. There are high-energy people , low-energy people, and a wide range in-between. What’s your baseline?
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