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On Writing

24 December 2009, by A. Cedilla

  • Holly Lisle, acclaimed science-fiction and fantasy writer, has a free, 209-page e-book full of very memorable advice on writing, available for download here.
  • No Train No Gain, an online resource for newsroom trainers (in journalism writing), has a resource page to help improve writing.
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab has writing resources and instructional material meant for writers and teachers/trainers.
  • Forward Motion, an online community aimed at helping writers get published professionally, has back issues available, with some as free PDF downloads

And these are just a few of the thousands of writing resources, communities, organizations and downloads available on-line. Are you getting an idea of where we’re heading with this now?

Writing is a skill. As with any skill, there are levels to writing that can’t be reached by any process other than study and deliberate application — practice, practice, practice.

Some of the resources above are meant to break writing down to its very nut and bolts, others attend more to the process of writing, and still others to a particular goal — getting published, or mastering journalism. All of these resources can help you write better, if you apply yourself.

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Part-time Entrepreneurs

16 January 2009, by A. Cedilla

Today’s economy is characterized by is a lot of insecurity in the workplace. People are vividly, painfully aware of the fact that job security is now really a thing of the past. Some have replaced job security with the idea of employment security.

Employment security is a concept that states that if you concern yourself with being a valuable person and employee, someone who is of value to an employer, you may not be guaranteed to keep your job but you will most certainly be able to get another one.

To a large extent this will probably hold up in many situations. However it still assumes an employer – employee relationship.

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