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Work Your Way Back

09 December 2009, by Ariadne Cedilla

Here’s a no-hold, no-BS method to cut out the dead-weight and fluff when you plan your goals (particularly helpful for getting ready for 2010). Ready for it?

Start at the end and work your way back. That’s it. If you want the expanded version, keep reading.

When you start with a very specific, very vivid end in mind, this jars you out of the usual linear thinking you use in your daily activities.

Think about a health goal. Say you want to lose weight, get healthy and all that. So while you do have a good goal… it’s still not very specific. And you know that specificity is part of making SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).

When you start with the end in mind, use your imagination and visualize the day when you reach your target weight.

See your body at that weight. Imagine how it would feel to move in that body, live in that body, be that healthy. Then move back to see the steps you took to get there.

The shift from one direction, from Now into a foggy Future State, to a solid, fully fleshed out Future Goal back-tracking into the Now, literally gives us a different perspective that can show us the unnecessary stuff, unconscious roadblocks and actions we incorporate into the action plan when we use linear thinking. Continue reading Work Your Way Back

Surviving Your Online Business

14 November 2008, by A. Cedilla

These days, almost everyone wants to make money on the Internet. The majority of them, however, need to go back to some of the basics outlined below. There is entirely too much hype, too much reliance on the next miracle product/affiliate program/viral whatever –or some other short cut — to save time and actual work.

The truth is, for anyone planning to work on-line, whatever business venture you start will not explode into fame and riches overnight, and you will need to adhere to some of the same basic principles that offline stores use to get customers in the door.

The first thing you need to do is realize that the Internet is a place where you have to establish your creditability on each and every transaction with your customers.

Continue reading Surviving Your Online Business