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Set Yourself Up For Success

Setting yourself up to succeed
When you read the following sentence: “I was framed,” what do you imagine?

Something criminal going on, right? There’s this poor guy going about his business, when all of a sudden, he’s taken in by the authorities because all the evidence points to him as the perpetrator of a crime. Exciting to watch on TV, but nothing you’d want to go through in real life…

Or would you, if it means success?


We’re not advocating criminal acts here. We’re just asking you to think of frames differently.

  • Picture frames showcase and pull attention to the picture they hold.
  • A framework makes the support for something, a structure, an outline.
  • To re-frame something means to present it from a different perspective.

So setting yourself up –to win, to accomplish things, to get done what you want to get done, mind you– shouldn’t be that hard to wrap your brain around, right?

  • You act and provide reliable evidence to prove that you were responsible for getting something done.
  • Do that repeatedly, you establish a pattern.
  • Build reliable patterns, you have a framework of positive habits that support you on your way to your goals.
  • Build the strong internal structure to support you in you choices. Make the external changes to manifest your will. Frame yourself to succeed. It sounds a little clunky, but can you dig it?

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You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play

06 August 2011, by A. Cedilla

“100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”
Wayne Gretsky

Simple, isn’t it? You can’t win if you don’t play. Seven words of one syllable each. The action lies in the words ‘win’ and ‘play. Let’s break them down.

Everybody wants to win. To win is to make it. To win is to hit it big. To win is to be popular. To win is to matter. Play, on the other hand, gets something of a different spin in this context. You want to win? Play hard. Be aggressive. Give it all you got, and then some. Hoo-rah!

Now step back and dial it down a bit. Let’s go use “win by playing” with “showing up for the game.” With that, the sentence changes: You can’t win if you don’t play. And you can’t play if you don’t show up.

The simple truth is that showing up doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win, but it certainly ups your chances when show up and you get in the game. Will you allow the specter of not-winning stop you from getting out there and giving it what you’ve got? Wait, don’t answer that yet.

The rarely mentioned fear hovering in the background is: You have something. Time, youth, energy…something. And it’s an exhaustible supply. When it runs out — pfft! No more. All out. Dead end. You don’t want to lose it, that hurts. And you might need it again, so you hold on.

So you’re careful, or careless, as the case may be in your youthful days…but as experiences teaches you to be more circumspect with what you do, and be more careful with what you have, it can also cause you to latch onto things that, well, really can’t stay with you no matter how much you try.

Think about it. Money? Taxes, or a financial downturn. A sudden illness that never quite goes away, or an accident nobody could ever have expected. (Which also covers the issue of health as well.) Youthfulness on the outside can only last for so long, and then you start looking like you escaped from Madame Tussauds on a summer day.

Time? You run around with GTD lists , use GTD techniques and pay other people to do things for you you don’t have the time to do yourself…and the time you saved still can’t be carried over the next day, or pooled together at the end of the month and spent at a nice beach somewhere. Dammit.

And even if you ‘save it up for later’…you still die. Morbid, but true — and an undeniable kick-ass reminder: What are you saving it up for? More importantly, what are you holding back for? You only have one life — it’s not like you can hit a cosmic rewind button, you know. You can’t edit or splices-over anything, except in your own mind, and too much of that has its own consequences.

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